BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate references to source: Project is now at Smedegaard2 years
1.0b14commit 56d35b8b52...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
1.0b13commit b4b957638d...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
1.0b12commit 4d3628f113...Jonas Smedegaard2 years
1.0b11commit 7ef887a986...Jonas Smedegaard3 years
1.0b10commit af7a76bffb...Jonas Smedegaard3 years
1.0b9commit 1e9df7bab2...Jonas Smedegaard3 years
1.0b8commit 0a317c2ca5...Jonas Smedegaard3 years
1.0b7commit 757ce0f68f...Jonas Smedegaard4 years
1.0b4commit 2fa4abcf69...Jonas Smedegaard4 years
1.0b3commit 9e770e871a...Jonas Smedegaard4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-17Fix syntax of arch-test test.1.0b11Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-17Tidy comments to mention suggested arch-test.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-17Avoid qemu if arch-test resolves it as unneeded.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-16Fix dhcp server setup.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-16Use dhcp by default, and skip firewall setup unless installed.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-16Drop support for network-manager 1.2.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-15Fix add option linux.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-14Expand rootfs size by 20% (apparently 10% is not enough).Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-14Add option linux.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-28Add node freedombox.1.0b10Jonas Smedegaard