AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-04Update references to source: Project is now at Smedegaard
2018-10-20Differentiate nonfree targets.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-19Shorten image paths. Add make targets images-di images-local.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-19Extend nodes: Add class (not explicitly package iw).Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-19Update TODOs.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-19Extend nodes: Add tweaks initialize systemd machine-id and SSH keys on initia...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Extend nodes core_teres1 desktop: Extend systemd-networkd tweak to enable IPv...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Add TODOs from runtime helper script init-network-settings.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Drop injecting runtime helper script init-network-settings.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Extend nodes: Extend systemd-networkd tweak to cover wireless network devices.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Fix nodes core_teres1 desktop tweaking of NTP.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Tweak console only for d-i images.1.0b14Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Fix nodes: Use tty0 (not tty1) as console.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Update TODOs.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Always format root filesystem as system-type default (not small when initial ...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Fix avoid clean target wiping still-mounted devices.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Tighten nodes: Stop include classes Service.firewall.firewalld Smedegaard
2018-10-12Reference bug#483754 regarding need to avoid or limit MTA.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-12Fix Generally enable NTP.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: use Cloudflare (not Google) fallback DNS resolvers. enable mult...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Enable Domain name (DNS) service systemd-resolved.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Where Midnight Commander is included, adapt its default settings.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend node gateway: Include traffic shaping service wondershaper (not nicesh...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Generally enable NTP (chrony for laptops, systemd-timesyncd oth...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-10Extend nodes: reset root account rcfiles from skeletonJonas Smedegaard
2018-10-04Tidy nodes: Use singlequote (not doublequote) where possible.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-04Handle flag nonfree in templates.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-27Extend node gateway: Include traffic shaping service niceshaper.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-27Update TODOs.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-27Tidy nodes core core_teres1: Drop workarounds for non-free and to-be-avoided ...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-27Fix nodes core core_teres1: Include class (accidentally dropped in...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-15Shrink nodes core core_teres1 (saving ~72MB disk space): Avoid recommended pa...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-15Shrink nodes core core_teres1 (saving ~179MB disk space): Include class Admin...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-15Mention package dependencies in header comment.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-13Add node core_teres1.1.0b13Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-13Update TODOs.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-13Stop mention UCS-I quirk in DEVELOPMENT: Works reliable in recent Linux kernels.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-11Fix device-tree name and boot.scr for Teres-I.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-09-05Update TODO: Preinstall security updates. Fix flash-kernel breakage on kernel...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-24Update node gateway: Fix include Zeroconf mDNS and DNS-SD service Avahi (and ...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-24Update node gateway: Stop explicitly enable routing (FirewallD zone external ...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-24Update node gateway: Use dhcp, and firewall zone internal for eth0 and extern...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Use (not Smedegaard
2018-08-11Stop mention Homebase in README.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Move general notes on example commands and build-time warnings up to initial ...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Relax notice about warnings during build: Likely affects only some newer devi...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Enumerate install methods.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Expand list of supported devices.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Expand list of target environments, and use core (not hamlet) by default.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Mention Debian release codename in Boxer nodes.Jonas Smedegaard