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2018-04-14Expand rootfs size by 20% (apparently 10% is not enough).Jonas Smedegaard
2018-04-14Add option linux.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-28Support devicetype micro (Olimex OLinuXino MICRO).Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-14Fix generalize firmware-parts dtb scr.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-13Revert to not convolute firmware strings into sets.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-13Tidy: Rename variables firmwares-* → devicetypes-*, and fw → dev.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-13Fix fail on read error for perl processing, by feeding from stdin (not argume...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Fix expand rootfs size by 10% - 5 as reserved by ext4, and 5 for inaccuracy.1.0b9Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Tidy: Avoid needless SUPATH with SUDO.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Rename variables di-firmwares_$ARCH → firmwares-$ARCH.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Generalize firmware strings in sets.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Simplify target resolving slightly.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Merge SUITE_NODE_template into SUITE_ARCH_NODE_template.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Simplify resolving kernelbuild: Replace this_rootfs_kernel with this-kernelbu...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Rename template FIRMWARE_TEMPLATE → SUITE_ARCH_FIRMWARE_NODE_template, and ...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Rename template NODE_TEMPLATE → SUITE_NODE_template.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Rename template SUITE_TEMPLATE → SUITE_ARCH_template, and seed it arch.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Arch-qualify imageparts paths.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Arch-qualify images paths.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Rename template ARCH_TEMPLATE → SUITE_ARCH_NODE_template.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-11Reorganize partition paths to add arch before node.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-10Arch-qualify vendor paths.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-09Inspect tools used and warn early if missing.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-09Generalize SUDO variable for sudo command.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-09Generalize FAKEROOT variable for fakeroot command (not unused fakeroot-or-rea...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-09Generalize EATMYDATA variable for eatmydata command.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-09Pass PATH (not explicit path) for fuse2fs.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-08Fix resolve kernel from rootfs (not bogusly rely on custom-declared snapshot ...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-08Simplify dependency tracking currently broken.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-08-22Drop multistrap option --no-auth: Apparently works fine without it now (both ...Jonas Smedegaard
2017-06-25Modernize suites (3/3): Drop stretch quirks.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-06-25Modernize suites (2/3): Replace jessie→stretch.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-06-25Modernize suites (1/3): Replace stretch→buster.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-02-23Really fix tweak path.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-02-23Bump to newest d-i snapshot for stretch.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-02-01Fix tweak path and use path-less sbin commands.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-29Track snapshot-specific kernel ABI.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-29Bump to newest d-i snapshot for stretch, and fix its kernel ABI.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Fix use same mkimage options as flash-image.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Tidy: Use rootfs as stem for multistrap.conf and preseed.cfg targets.1.0b3Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Tidy: Stop embed metadata in names of targets.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Fix skip multistrap hooks when done separately (not the reverse).Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Tidy: Wrap convoluted code.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Fix typo.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Fix path to parted.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Introduce environment variables noquiet nogfx.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Append (not prepend) custom bootargs with multistrap.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Fix append custom bootargs with d-i (was accidentally omitted).Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Reorganize resolving and order of debconf bootargs with d-i.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-11-06Append (not prepend) debconf bootargs with d-i.Jonas Smedegaard