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2018-10-19Extend nodes: Add class (not explicitly package iw).Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-19Extend nodes: Add tweaks initialize systemd machine-id and SSH keys on initia...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Extend nodes core_teres1 desktop: Extend systemd-networkd tweak to enable IPv...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Extend nodes: Extend systemd-networkd tweak to cover wireless network devices.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-14Fix nodes core_teres1 desktop tweaking of NTP.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Fix nodes: Use tty0 (not tty1) as console.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-13Tighten nodes: Stop include classes Service.firewall.firewalld Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: use Cloudflare (not Google) fallback DNS resolvers. enable mult...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Enable Domain name (DNS) service systemd-resolved.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Where Midnight Commander is included, adapt its default settings.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-11Extend nodes: Generally enable NTP (chrony for laptops, systemd-timesyncd oth...Jonas Smedegaard
2018-10-04Tidy nodes: Use singlequote (not doublequote) where possible.Jonas Smedegaard
2018-08-11Mention Debian release codename in Boxer nodes.Jonas Smedegaard
2017-11-13Improve kernel-related tweak descriptions for nodes console core desktop.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-29Add nodes core console desktop.Jonas Smedegaard