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# Large server system features _(system-bigbox)_
-> Handling general features of the operating system on the large server
+> Handling general features of large server operating system
## Contributing
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-# Installation of big box system
+# Installation of large server system
> Install Debian with with minimal setup from stable image
@@ -30,12 +30,12 @@ and to finalize system setup.
"Debian - the Universal Operating System"
-## Install core system
+## Installation
-You should install a stable system,
-onto the full internal harddisk.
+The goal is to have your computer run a stable Debian system,
+covering the full internal harddisk.
-System should be minimal (no graphical user interface),
+The system will be minimal (no graphical user interface),
with OpenSSH service
and the text-based user interface Midnight Commander.