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+# Installation of big box system
+> Install Debian with with minimal setup from stable image
+This documents initially setting up a computer
+for use as general-purpose server.
+## Prerequisites
+You need a locally usable computer
+(i.e. with monitor and keyboard connected).
+Requirements for computer:
+* Sufficient: Any computer supported by [Debian].
+* Recommended: Intel- or AMD-based stationary computer without NVIDIA or Broadcom components.
+You also need a temporary storage medium during install.
+For the recommended computers listed above,
+installer medium is a USB flash drive.
+Requirements for USB flash drive:
+* Sufficient: Any flash drive that can hold at least 1GB storage.
+You will need internet access during install,
+both to get the install image
+and to finalize system setup.
+[Debian]: <https://www.debian.org/>
+ "Debian - the Universal Operating System"
+## Install core system
+You should install a stable system,
+onto the full internal harddisk.
+System should be minimal (no graphical user interface),
+with OpenSSH service
+and the text-based user interface Midnight Commander.
+### Install Debian
+Download and install a suitable [stable] Debian netinst image.
+For the recommended hardware, the image flavor is "amd64".
+During install, when asked about harddisk partitioning,
+choose to use full disk, with LVM.
+When asked which features to install onto the system,
+choose SSH service (and unselect all other options).
+You may find help
+in the [Install chapter of The Debian handbook][Debian handbook - Install].
+[stable]: <https://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/>
+ "Official Debian stable images, via Bittorrent or for direct download"
+[Debian handbook - Install]: <https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-handbook/installation.html>
+ "Debian handbook, chapter on installation"
+### Install text user interface
+Install the text-based user interface Midnight Commander from package `mc`,
+e.g. using this command:
+ sudo apt install mc